Adaptec AVA-1515 ISA

Adaptec AVA-1515 ISA

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Supported Operating SystemsMicrosoft MS-DOS 3.xMicrosoft MS-DOS 4.xMicrosoft MS-DOS 5.xMicrosoft MS-DOS 6.xMicrosoft Windows 2000 ProfessionalMicrosoft Windows 3.10Microsoft Windows 95Microsoft Windows 95aMicrosoft Windows 95bMicrosoft Windows 95cMicrosoft Windows 98Microsoft Windows 98 Second EditionMicrosoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11Microsoft Windows Millennium EditionMicrosoft Windows NT 4.0Bus System Interface TypeISA 16 BitExternal Connectors25-pin, DB25Internal Connectors50-pin, flat cableData Transfer RateUp to 5 Mbytes/sec (synchronous, on the SCSI bus)Package ContentsAVA-1515 ISA-to-SCSI host adapter with BIOSAVA-1505/1515 Installation GuideAdaptec EZ-SCSI Lite software version 3.0L disketteAdaptec EZ-SCSI Lite version 3.0L User’s Manual TapeMate II software diskette and Installation GuideWarranty/Registration cardRead Me First cardInternal SCSI cableSupported ProtocolsSCSI-2Advanced SCSI FeaturesAdvanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) compliantDisconnect/reconnectSynchronous and asynchronous data transferElectrical TerminationsSingle-ended, passiveBoard Dimensions3.5″ x 6.25″ (8.9 cm x 15.9 cm)