ASUS WL-138G PCI adapter

Bezdrotova WiFi sietova karta ASUS WL-138G PCI adapter

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PCI bus power management interface specification 1.0 compliant
IEEE 802.11g/b standard for 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN
64/128 bit WEP encryption, support WPA
PCI local bus specification Revision 2.2 compliant
Reverse connector with a detachable antenna
support Windows 2000/XP
Rich add-on features and utilities
Mobile control center:
Integrate all tools and indicate real time status information on system tray
Wireless setting:
Diagnose and configure your wireless network settings with on-line trouble shooting feature.
Mobile manager:
Support automatic roaming and network reconfiguration between different locations
Site survey:
Explore your wireless networking topology through a handy way
Live Update:
Download the newest driver and utilities from Internet
WEP (64, 128 bit) encryption , WPA support.