Cisco 2611XM Modular Access Router

Cisco 2611XM Modular Access Router

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Product Overview

Cisco 2600 Series Modular Access Routers: Introduction
As companies grow, the diversity of protocols, increased performance, LAN media, WAN services, and networking equipment required to support mission-critical network services expand dramatically. With extensive support for multiprotocol data routing, voice and data integration, DSL access, ATM, dial access services, and integrated switching, the Cisco 2600 Series provides a flexible, scalable, integrated solution that simplifies the process of deploying and managing the branch-office network solutions.
The Cisco 2600 Series offers a comprehensive feature set ideal for solutions requiring the following support:

• Multiservice voice and data integration

• VPN access with firewall and encryption options

• Analog dial access services

• Routing with bandwidth management

• Inter-VLAN routing

• Delivery of high-speed business-class DSL access

• Cost-effective ATM access

• Integration of flexible routing and low-density switching

• Integration of content networking

• Integration of intrusion detection systems (IDSs)

• Integration of network analysis systems
The foundations of these solutions are the Cisco IOS ® Software elements of security, availability, quality of service (QoS), manageability, and integration. Combined, these features support the delivery of distributed intelligence that extends to the branch office. By delivering powerful business tools and applications to the branch, enterprises can realize the business benefits of increased productivity, cost reductions, and scalable exchange of information.
The modular architecture of the Cisco 2600 Series allows interfaces to be upgraded to accommodate network expansion or changes in technology as new services and applications are deployed. Modular interfaces are shared with the Cisco 1700 and Cisco 3700 series, providing unrivaled investment protection and reducing the complexity of managing the remote network solution by integrating the functions of multiple, separate devices into a single, compact unit. Network modules available for the Cisco 2600 and Cisco 3700 series support a broad range of applications, including multiservice voice and data integration, integrated switching, analog and ISDN dial access, and serial device concentration.
The integration of field-installable advanced integration modules (AIMs) enhances the performance of the Cisco 2600 Series by offloading processor-intensive functions onto a dedicated coprocessor while preserving external interface slots for other applications. A variety of AIMs are currently supported on all Cisco 2600 and Cisco 3700 series routers, providing high-performance, hardware-assisted data compression, data encryption, ATM, and digital-signal-processor (DSP) functions for up to 30 digital voice channels.
Cisco Systems ® delivers enterprise- and provider-class versatility, integration, and power to branch offices with the Cisco 2600 Series of modular access routers. The Cisco 2600XM models and the Cisco 2691, they provide a high degree of performance, service density, and flexibility to address evolving branch-office requirements.

Cisco 2600 Series Modular Access Routers: Overview
Driven by a powerful CPU processor along with high-performance DSPs and auxiliary processors on various interfaces, the Cisco 2600 Series supports the advanced QoS, security, and network integration features required in today’s evolving branch offices.
Each of the Cisco 2610XM through Cisco 2651XM supports one network module slot, two WAN interface card (WIC) slots, and one AIM slot. One network module slot is provided on the Cisco 2691, offering the same format as the Cisco 2600XM Series of routers, but the Cisco 2691 also includes one additional WIC and AIM slot for applications that require increased service requirements. These slots share more than 50 different modules across three Cisco product lines-the Cisco 1700 Series, the Cisco 2600 Series, and the Cisco 3700 Series.

Cisco IOS Software IP Base

Key Features and Benefits
The Cisco 2600 Series supports a wide range of performance and scalability for branch-office networking solutions, allowing businesses to extend a cost-effective, transparent network infrastructure to the branch office with the following benefits:

• Investment protection-Support for field-upgradable, modular components on the Cisco 2600 Series allows customers to easily change network interfaces without a complete system upgrade of the entire branch-office network. The AIM slot(s) further protects investments by offering the expandability to support advanced services such as hardware-assisted data compression, data encryption, ATM data and voice access, or DSP digital voice applications.

• Lower cost of ownership-By integrating the functions of switches, channel service units (CSUs), data service units (DSUs), ISDN Network Termination 1 (NT1) devices, firewalls, modems, compression or encryption devices, and other equipment found in branch-office wiring closets in a single, compact unit, the Cisco 2600 Series provides a space-saving solution that is more manageable.

• Integrated flexible routing and low-density switching-With support of an optional 16-port 10/100 Cisco EtherSwitch® Network Module, branch offices can take advantage of the flexibility of integrated routing and switching functions in one unit for low port densities. This offers high-speed connections between individual desktops, servers, and other network resources in a single unit for Layer 2 and allows WAN connection at Layer 3 through the router. An optional external power chassis provides in-line power to IP phones and to Cisco Aironet® 802.11 base stations.

• Integration of content networking and branch-office routing-With the integration of an optional content-engine network module with branch-office routing, Cisco offers the industry’s first and only router-integrated content-delivery system. Combining intelligent caching, content routing, and management with robust branch-office routing, WAN bandwidth is conserved for important branch IP services such as voice over IP (VoIP), while simplifying configuration, deployment, and operations.

• Voice and data integration-Cisco offers the industry’s broadest, most scalable multiservice voice and data integration solution set. The Cisco 2600 Series allows network managers to provide scalable analog and digital telephony without investing in a one-time solution, giving enterprises greater control of their converged telephony needs. Using the voice and fax modules, the Cisco 2600 Series may be deployed in both VoIP and voice-over-Frame Relay (VoFR) networks. The packet voice trunk network module supports up to 60 simultaneous voice calls as well as supporting routing and other services. When used with the ATM AIM, voice over ATM (VoATM) using ATM Adaption Layer 2 (AAL2) or AAL5 can be deployed.

• Enterprise and provider-class solution-This solution meets the requirements of multiservice enterprises and their managed service customer-premises-equipment (CPE) providers with high-reliability features, multiple WAN connections, and the ability to migrate from data-only to time-division multiplexing (TDM) voice and from data to packetized voice and data infrastructure.

• Security-With the integration of optional VPN modules, Cisco IOS Software-based firewalls and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), content-engine network modules, or intrusion detection network modules, Cisco offers the industry’s most robust and adaptable security solution for branch-office routers. VPN modules can be used to provide up to 10 times the performance over software-only encryption. Additionally, the new Cisco Intrusion Detection System Network Module allows decryption, tunnel termination, and traffic inspection at the first point of entry into the network while freeing the router CPU from process-intensive IDS tasks.

• Business-class DSL connectivity-With the WIC-ADSL, WIC-1ADSL-I-DG, WIC-1ADSL-DG, WIC-1SHDSL, and WIC-1SHDSL-V2 modules added to the Cisco 2600 Series offers a broad range of business-class broadband options with scalable performance, flexibility, and security for branch and regional offices. The Cisco 2600 Series provides an ideal solution for a variety of businesses requiring high-speed business-class DSL connectivity on a secure, high-performance modular platform.

• Increased memory capacity on Cisco 2600XMs-The memory capacity of the Cisco 2600XM platforms can now be increased to 256 MB of synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM) using a new 128-MB SDRAM dual in-line memory module (DIMM). This new 128-MB DIMM offers higher-density memory, providing the ability to support memory increases to 256 MB of DRAM (with the correct ROMmon).
The Cisco 2600 Series brings a cost-effective combination of versatility, integration, and increased performance to remote branch offices.