HP LaserJet 3030 (trieda B)

Multifunkčná čiernobiela laserová tlačiareň HP LaserJet 3030 (trieda B)

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50,00  s DPH

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Zlomený držiak, chýba krytka papiera.

Printer capacities and ratings
Print speed

15 pages per minute (ppm) for letter-size
paper and 14 ppm for A4-size paper

First page out in less than 10 seconds
Media input tray capacity
150 sheets of regular-weight 75 g/m
(16 lb) paper
or up to 30 envelopes
Priority input tray capacity
10 sheets of regular-weight 75 g/m
(20 lb) paper
or 1 envelope
Output bin capacity
Up to 125 sheets of regular-weight 75 g/m
(16 lb)
Minimum paper size
76 by 127 mm (3 by 5 inches)
Maximum paper size
216 by 356 mm (8.5 by 14 inches)
Media weight
Output bin: 60 to 105 g/m
(16 to 28 lb)
Base memory
8 MB of ROM/Flash and 32 MB of RAM (9 MB for
the device and 23 MB available to the user)
Print resolution
1200 dpi effective output quality (600x600x2 dpi,
using HP Resolution Enhancement technology
Duty cycle

7,000 single-sided pages per month

1,000 single-sided pages per month
PCL (Printer Control Language)
Level 5e and 6
PostScript (PS)
Emulates Adobe PostScript® Level 2
Copier capacities and ratings
Copy speed
Up to 15 ppm
Multiple copies
Up to 99 per job
Copy reduction or enlargement
25 percent to 400 percent
Acoustic emissions (per ISO 9296) while copying
6.3 Bel sound power level
Scanner capacities and ratings
Margins for scanned items
3.05 mm (0.12 inch) right and left
4.06 mm (0.16 inch) top and bottom

Scanner Duty Cycle
2,000 single-sided items per month
Scan resolution
600 dpi color
Automatic document feeder (ADF) input tray specifications
Input capacity
Up to 50 sheets of flat 60 to 75 g/m
(16 to 20 lb)
Media weight
60 to 90 g/m
(16 to 24 lb)
Media size
127 by 127 mm (5 by 5 inches) to 216 by 381 mm
(8.5 by 15 inches)
Up to 14 ppm for letter-size or A4-size media
Duty cycle
1,000 pages per month
Port availability
Compatible with USB 2.0 specification

IEEE 1284-B level 2 device with an IEEE
1284-B receptacle

Set the host computer to ECP (enhanced
capabilities mode)

Fax transmission speed
3 seconds/page (ITU-T Test Image #1)
Right/left margins for printed pages
6.3 mm (0.25 inch)
Top/bottom margins for printed pages
5.08 mm (0.2 inch)
Fax compatibility
ITU Group 3; ECM
Fax coding schemes
MH, MR, and MMR
Modem speed
Up to 33,600 bits per second (bps)
Speed dialing
Distinctive ring detect
Fax resolution (standard)
203 by 98 dpi
Fax resolution (fine)
203 by 196 dpi
Fax resolution (superfine)
300 by 300 dpi (no halftone)
Fax resolution (photo)
300 by 300 dpi (halftone enabled)
Fax page storage
Up to 110 (slerexe) pages