IBM ServeRAID M1015 / LSI SAS9220-8i PCI-Express PCIe 8-port 6Gb/s SAS+SATA Controller

IBM ServeRAID M1015 / LSI SAS9220-8i PCI-Express PCIe 8-port 6Gb/s SAS+SATA Controller

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Improved usability in MegaRAIDStorage ManagerOnline Capacity Expansion andRAID Level MigrationField upgradeability to RAID-5, -50 with ServeRAID M1000series Advance Feature KeyAuto resume after loss of system power during arrayrebuild or reconstructionSingle controller multipathingand load balancingGlobal and dedicated hot spare with revertible hot-sparesupportThe ServeRAID M1015 adapter offers aRAID entry point for businesses tryingto protect their critical data while main-taining performance and availability fornetwork applications. Utilizing 6 GbpsSerial Attach SCSI (SAS) and PCIExpress 2.0, the ServeRAID M1015offers the latest ServeRAID line of prod-uct features, while continuing to sup-port the benefits of the previous 3 GbpsSAS/SATA generation. These newServeRAID adapters, intended forinside-the-box connectivity, provide thenecessary data-protection performancefor developing IT infrastructures.
Flexible feature upgrade and migrationThe ServeRAID M1015 controller is anaffordable way for small businesses toimplement data protection and increaseRead/Write performance convenientlythrough RAID-0, -1 and -10. By connecting the optional ServeRAID M1000series Advanced Feature Key to thecontroller, users will be able to achieveRAID-5, -50 data protection and sup-port for self-encrypting drives. And incases where the growing businessdemands additional performanceand/or protection, the M1015 controlleroffers full upgradeability to the M5014or M5015 controllers without the needto rebuild the storage infrastructure. By offering the Advanced Feature Keyand Migration, the M1015 provides thenecessary flexibility for companies onthe rise.
Intuitive RAID management utilityMegaRAID Storage Manager providesthe essential software tools to efficientlymanage ServeRAID products, whetherdeployed in an enterprise or small busi-ness. IBM offers a collection of applica-tions and tools including a prebootsetup utility and a full spectrum ofonline RAID management utilities. Thissuite of applications allow administra-tors to adjust SAS topology views fromthe system host, controller and diskenclosure down to the logical andphysical drive level. Extending to enter-prise deployments, these tools scale toeasily configure, monitor and manageRAID volumes locally or over the LANnetwork.
Maximizing investmentsTo help optimize technology invest-ments, IBM offers a single point of serviceability backed by renowned education, support and training. Inaddition, the ServeRAID M1015SAS/SATA Controller is part of the IBM ServerProven� program, enablingcompatibility among a variety of IBM and partner products. IBM recog-nizes that customers deserve the mostinnovative solutions.
ServeRAID M1015 SAS/SATA Controllers at a glancePart Number46M0831 � ServeRAID M1015 SAS/SATA ControllerNumber of portsTwo x4 SFF-8087 PortsProcessorLSI SAS2008CacheNoneInterfaceSAS 6 GbpsHost bus interfacePCIe 2.0 x8Drives supportedUp to 32 SAS and/or SATA drivesSupported RAID LevelsRAID-0, -10 (optional RAID-5, -50)ManagementMegaRAID Storage Manager,MegaCLI,WebBIOS and Preboot CLISupported servers Visit the IBM ServerProven page for the latest supported servers at systemsRed Hat Enterprise Linux�,SuSE Linux ES,Microsoft�Windows�2003 (32- and 64-bit),Microsoft Windows 2008,Microsoft Windows PE (32- and 64-bit)Form factorPCIe low profile